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Wow. ICE isn't simply envisioning: it's building. The patented ICE technology provides a fluid flow of inforation from design and point-of-sale to the manufacturing floor. Design, experience, price and produce unique layouts in a graphic, interactive, real-time 3D environment. Clients can modify the design, and just like a videogame, they see all the results instantly.


Win. ICE provides the fastest response to customers. With the visual communication of ICE, even those without a design background easily understand the soulutions they're getting.


Deliver. Faster, better results every time. ICE's imbedded intelligence provides instant quotes and specification throughout modifications, leading to drastically reduced lead tiems with fewer errors.


Full bill of materials. Amazing productivity. Seamless Integration. Sex appeal. ICE software combined with your Data center solutions is a game changer. Data Center World, Booth #519, March 18-22, Mirage Hotel and Event Center, Las Vegas, NV

Data Center World, Booth #519, March 18-22, Mirage Hotel and Event Center, Las Vegas, NV
ICE: Furniture

Providing technology to solve some of the most complex problems and issues facing Building Teams today.


Ice Edge is a software company delivering immersive 3D design envisioning, real-time configurations and reconfigurations, specifying and pricing - including project delivery.


Providing suites of products designed to support the high demands that architects, designers, and visualization specialists have come to expect.

DIRTT wins with ICE. DIRTT Environmental Solutions has been selected as a winner of the 2011 Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award in the Innovation Mastery category. The PM100 is a prestigious awards program honouring manufacturing companies that have transformed themselves through the use of information technology. Using ICE®, an expert, 3D technology platform, the process speeds up sales and orders by 6 to 10 times and reduces manufacturing deficiencies to less than 1 percent.

DIRTT Award winning product: Breathe
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